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Things to See and Do - Over 60s

Seniors ( we apologise :- ) ) Age is a number not a limitation - this guide is for those not looking for wild mountainbiking, spear fishing and jet skiing. Menorca does offer 'a walk on the mild side' though- with pleasant temperatures for coastal walks out of summer peak season and when the island is not so full of families.

Walking, walks and just wandering

With so much of the island preserved by environmental laws and thoughtfull tourism the island has many, many beautiful places to walk and discover. For a small place there is a suprising array of landscapes to explore on foot. Valleys and gorges,lavarock 'moonscapes', lakes and hills,wild dramatic rocky coastlines, soft rolling hills and woods.

There are deep lush gorges that start in the centre of the island and meander to the coast to open up out into a beautiful beaches. Take a walk early morning or evening in S'Albufera National park and enjoy a drink on the beach in Es Grau. There official signed routes along historical coastal paths and more personal walks from island residents and regular walkers (in guides)

Its important to walk at the right time of day and to have plenty of water with you. And don't forget when walking close to the coast to have swimwear and a towel with you so you can take that well earnt swim on that remote beach you've reached!

Walking and walks on Menorca

Guided Walking Tours

If you prefer the company of others or enjoy the added interest of a knowledgeable local guide there are some emerging walking tours on offer. Some with pickups from your accommodation,meals and swimming stops. Walking Tour Companies.

Villages and Towns Particulalry on the South east of Menorca there are idylic villages ( with Cafe Bars for stops ) and Towns less tainted by tourism

Museums, Culture and History

Trips into the past

After a first visit it's clear why Menorca has so much history for such a small place. It was very desirable to posses for strategic reasons. And so it has been occupied by outsiders at many times in it's history, each leaving their mark both good and bad on the island.


The island is known as the largest open air pre-historic museum and not without good reason. Even if you are not a history buff you'll be suprised just what is on the island. 4m high Stone structures ( Taulas ) that defy gravity and 2000 years of weather. There are so many stone structures from Menorca's distant past its difficult sometimes literally not to trip over them. You don't have to be a historian fanatic to appreciate them. At some of the sites you get a real sense of life in its most primitive form. A few short years ago many of the sites were completely as they were, now some 30 or so have been made more accessible to the public complete with guide information and signange but charge a moderate entrance fee to cover personel and upkeep costs. But well worth it.

Menorca Tips

Visit late afternoons when the light is best and heat of the day is over. They may have shut up the ticket office but you can still go in and visit . Oh and make sure "little Johnny" does not scramble over the stones that have survived many,many years pre Johnny times :-)

Menorca's Pre-historic Sites

Prehistoric Menorca

Museums and sites of historical interest

Menorca's Museums hold collections of all the items that were found in prehistoric and in other times of occupation such as in Roman times. The Museum buildings themselves are interesting as they are located in old palaces,churches and convents.

Museums & Places of Interest

Menorca Holiday Tips

If you are feeling the day time heat a museum trip can be just the thing to cool down with Air conditioning and relaxing surroundings.

Springtime March to April is a great time to be outdoors, way from the greys back home. Enjoy mediteranean eating culture and discover the real (hidden) Menorca.

Cami de Cavalls

Cami de Cavalls, ('path of the horse') is a rough track coastal path from medieval times that originally followed much of the entire Menorcan coastline. The path encircling the island is now open to the public and can be freely used by hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders. The 184 kilometres of path is divided into 20 sections, each of which is clearly signposted and with information panels giving details of that particular stretch. Parts of the Cami de Cavalls are open for horses ( see sign below). Other sections are accessible for walkers and mountain bikes. Originally created keeping an eye on the coastal defences and as a horseback supply route.

It is a great way to see the beautiful coastline but the pathways are 'au natural' so take care close to cliff edges.

Our full Cami de Cavalls Guide

September and October....

Things to See and Do - Good to Know

Marketing on Menorca is still often low key. The good news is that attractions are often better than presented so you will be pleasantly surprised.

Without a Hire Car

The island bus network works well and is inexpensive Bus Network. However it best to stay in the South East or Ciutadella ( Cala en Bosch ) outside of Summer Season as the tourist resorts bus time table will be severly reduced or stopped. If you do drive though Menorca is easy to drive on, and you can see an awfull lot with just a couple of days hire. Driving around Menorca

Bowls Club S'Algar on south east corner of Menorca has it own english ex pats Bowls Club and all weather greens where visitors are welcome to join in. S Algar

Tour Operators offer their hotel guests various excursions,but if the thought of spending time on someone elses' time agenda, bustled from place to coach and driving around for hotel pickups bothers you then many can be done DIY style.

DIY Excursions


Menorca is developing a large base of individuals and small companies offering more personal services. Tours and Excursion Providers

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