Menorca Boat Rentals no Licence

Menorca Boat Rentals no Licence

Rent a boat without licence

Sat on the beach and wondered what it's like along the coast? , fancy snorkeling away from the beach? Sunset cruise for a romantic beginning to the night?

Book a self drive motorboat rental from your resorts or travel (on bus/Taxi) to another Harbour,Marina to enjoy a very different coastline? or make your very own snorkel Safari your way

Boats are limited and so it's essential to book in advance especially mid June to Mid September.

Good to Know - Boat rentals without licence

Small but well fitted out motor boats can be rented without any marine licenses as long as you keep to strict safety regulations.

On the south coast from either Cala'n Bosch, Cala Galdana, Santo Tomas ,Cala en Porter or Binibeca you can experience some amazing coast lines, sea caves and stunning bays with virgin beaches.

On the North coast from Arenal den Castell,Son Parc there are some beautiful naturals bays and coastline ( Fornells Port )

North coast Virgin beaches like Pregonda,Cavalleria need a full day hire or faster boat excursion or private Water taxi

See your resort's local coast line , virgin beaches and sea caves.

Pick a coast-line and explore it from the sea? Half and Full day Boat rentals for your own bespoke boat trip.

Boat rental without license in Menorca

What type of self-drive boat is best to rent ?

A 15BHP rigid boat is often larger and wider,more fuel efficient ( aerodynamics ) making them ideal for greater distances and for traveling in large groups. Plus they offer more comforts on board, such as padded seats and shading to protect you from the sun and wind.

Inflatables/Zodiacs are lighter and have less draft, which makes them ideal for exploring smaller coves and beaches and for sailing in shallow waters. They are also more maneuverable and easier to operate, making them a good option if you do not have sailing experience.

15 BHP

No licence required

Self drive motor boats

Routes. Coves, bays and beaches by departure ports

Make sure you have enough time to reach your destination and return !

All Menorca's popular Ports and Marinas

Fornells Boat Rentals

Fornells Port Northern Routes

route beaches

Port Addaya Boat Rentals

Addaya Port North East Routes

route beaches

Mahon Boat Rentals

Mahon Port/Marina North/South Routes

route beaches

Ciutadella Boat Rentals

Ciuatdella City Port North/South Routes

route beaches

Cala Galdana Boat Rentals

Cala Galdana Marina Southern Routes

route beaches

Cala'n Bosch Boat Rentals

Calan Bosch Marina Southern Routes

route beaches

Cala'n Porter Boat Rentals

Cala en Porter Marina Southern Routes

route beaches

Es Canutells Boat Rentals

Es Canutells Marina to discover Cliff Caves, Snorkel hot spots

Binibeca Boat Rentals

Cala Torret Marina - Snorkel hot spots

Self drive Beaches / Coves and locations to visit by Start point

Make sure you have enough time to reach your destination and return !

North Coast Routes - beaches
South Coast Routes - beaches

Harbours and Marina with no license Boat Rentals

No licence 15 BHP boats are limited how far you can reach in tour rental time so renting from a starting point can make more sense especially for certain beaches.


Self drive boats to explore coastline around Cala'n forcat

15 BHP

No lic. required

What to do Cala'n Forcat

Fornells Harbour & village

Authentic Menorca set in a huge beautiful bay north east Menorca ideal for food fans and watersport adventure seekers and departure point in Menorca's Marine reserve virgin beaches and coastline

What to see and do in Fornells

Fornells - trips,visits

Good to know

Menorca Transfers made easy

Menorca Shuttle Services Prices and all you need to know

Bus, taxi, shuttle. Options to reach your hotel, holiday accommodation from Airport / ferry port

Advice Airport Bus / ferry to Resorts?
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