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Playa En Fornells - Bus Network
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...the road network preserves the island's natural beauty especially along the coast where few roads exist - see map

Playa En Fornells's bus service operates all year

  • No Direct bus from/to Mahon Airport
  • Services are reliable, cheap and comfortable but longer Journeys/transfers need pre-planning
  • Single Tickets and cash only to Bus driver

See Bus Travel FAQ for details

Good to Know

No Direct bus from/to Mahon Airport. Your options? Playa En Fornells bus and Menorca Airport

Want to be sure with a pre-booked transfer ? Playa En Fornells transfers Mahon Airport

Menorca Airport Bus

Playa En Fornells Bus Timetables

Following bus routes operate :

Bus Stops - see Playa En Fornells on Downloadable Network map

Bus Destinations and Routes from / to Playa En Fornells

FAQ Playa En Fornells Buses , Times and Connections

Seasonal Bus routes from Beach Resorts to Mahon and Ciutadella. Otherwise probably a change to nearest local town on the ME-1 Bus Travel Guide

Yes but some timetables are seasonable most services run ~ May 1 - Mid Oct Playa En Fornells's' bus routes,fares and timetables

yes,including some natural virgin beaches

Depends on you start location....

Virgin beaches by Bus Menorca Virgin beaches Buses

Beach Directory with bus routes beach Directory

Prices are very good using modern air conditioned buses. Tickets from 1,75 Eur to most expensive at 6 Eur ( ~ 40km! ) Bus Travel Guide