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Space for everyone, privacy and a pool that does not close early. Flexible meal times, no buffet queues, just the freedom to style a holiday to your own rythms and wishes. Mix up your eating ( in or out ) and leisure time. These days the same villas are advertised in several sites but not all area guides are the same.

Menorca Self catering Tips was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on 8th October 1993 to preserve the great diversity of habitats that coexist on this small island - the richness of flora and fauna, the quality of the rural landscape and archaeological heritage.

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Cala Morells

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Villas Cala Morells

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Cala Morells
Airport: Circa 0 miles / km
Direct Transfer: Hrs. mins
Transfer Options: Public Airport Bus - none, Shared Shuttle from 11 pp or Taxi max. 4 pers.

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