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Menorca is different, a unique unspoilt by mass tourism beach paradise close to home. It's a place that allows you to have fun, relaxation and mediteranean flair all without many of the compromises you find in so many other mediteranean destinations.

An important little helper. As you look around you might well get confused by place names: is Calan Porter the same as Cala D'en Porter, where is this Maò i'm looking for Mahon?

Tour operators, guides will often use Anglicised place names and plain lazy spelling! We will try to give you all possible location names. So Maò is correct, so is Mahon they are the same place, but the roadsigns,maps and buses will show Maò.

Incidentily there are three languages on the island. Classical spanish, Catalan and the local dialect of Catalan which also has arabic elements - Menorquin.

Is it for you? Menorca is ideal for families, romantic and scenery seeking couples young and old who want the perfect beach holiday and more. It has purposely escaped the brashness and noise of coastline destroying mass packaged holiday resorts prefering a balanced mix of nature, relaxation and tradition.

Independent Travel or Package Holiday?

There is nothing quite like a self catering villa or apartment for freedom and the per person prices can be very attractive. (flight prices generally work out not much different whether packaged or bought separately ) Due to increasing independent travellers travel insurance companies now offer the right policies to cover you.

Self Catering on Menorca tips

Few holiday destinations have managed to retain their original charm, attraction and culture under the pressure of tourism. Menorca is one of the few exceptions and is typically less than a 2.5 hour flight away.

Menorca is considerably quieter than Mallorca or Ibiza, and is maybe more suited to those with younger families and couples wanting to combine beautiful beaches, scenery with select nighlife. Even the few purpose built holiday hotel resorts are peaceful, as there is no over emphasis on loud nightlife. Menorca is rather more tuned into relaxation and rest than dancing into the early hours, but there are still plenty of places where you can let your hair down if you wish to.

Families enjoy not having to side step the excessess of youth you might find in other balearic and spanish mainland destinations. There are no single sex 'good time' groups on holiday here!

No compromises - too often you will find that holiday destinations force you to make compromises. If you wanted safe beaches complete with all facilities then you would have to forget dreaming about lying practically alone on remote virgin beaches. If you wanted to enjoy sun filled mediteranean lifestyle, browsing and shopping, or dancing the night away then you would have to forget about walking or cycling in beautiful, ever changing landscapes, alive with wildlife and history.

...But not here.

Menorca Holiday Tips

The Menorcans are friendly, calm and sometimes shy but always ready to help if you smile. Rushing around and stress are foreign to the islanders. Follow their example.

Where is the right place for you?

Each town and beach resort guide page has detailed information, photo tours and interactive maps to help you decide. Resorts are categorised, what's there for families and what's there for couples to help you make your ideal choice.

Cruising the island

Chatering a (skippered) boat can be a magical way to enjoy part or all of your stay in Menorca. Holidays on board

Holiday Hotels and Apartments

Looking for holiday hotels or commercial apartments on the island? A comprehensive listing of hotels and apartments across the island. Not just those available through Tour Operators but many more from small to large, simple to fashionable, beachside, in town or in the country. Complete with guest reviews, photos and location maps and to reserve online. Book online with safety and assurance.

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