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...the road network preserves the island's natural beauty especially along the coast where few roads exist - see map

  • Seasonal Timetables : mean fewer or no buses based on time of year
  • Services are reliable, cheap and comfortable but longer Journeys need pre-planning
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Son Bou Bus Timetables

We will wait until Spring 2021 before updating this page as Covid-19 may well have an impact on Bus frequencies/routes in operation

Bus Stop Locations - see Son Bou on Network map

Bus Destinations and Routes from Son Bou

Good to Know Alaior acts as a hub for additional connections across Menorca. Visit Alaior night market every Weds eve ( 1.06-30.09 )

Buses to Mahon

Journey time circa. 25 minutes 21 km ( peak = June 1 to 30 Sept 30)

  • Mahon - Son Bou 2,55 €
  • Mahon - Alaior 1,55 €
  • Alaior - Son Bou 1,30 €

Tip There is a late bus back from Alaior Night Market every Wednesday ( 1.06-30.09 ) at 23:25

5 stops around Son Bou. Times shown are from Son Bou beach stop. Mar Blau Apartments = first stop

Son Bou to Mahon

no. 32 : Son Bou - Alaior - Mahon ( Mon - Sat)

  • 08:00 09:15 10:45 11:45 12:15 13:15 15:15 16:30 17:15 17:45 18:45 19:45 21:15 22:45
  • no. 32 : Son Bou - Alaior - Mahon ( Sun & Public Holidays )

  • 09:15 10:45 12:15 13:45 17:45 19:15 20:45
  • Mahon to Son Bou

  • no. 32 : Mahon - Alaior - Son Bou ( Mon - Sat)

  • 07:15 08:30 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:3014:30 15:45 16:30 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:30 22:00
  • no. 32 : Mahon - Alaior - Son Bou ( Sun & Public Holidays )

    08:30 10:00 11:30 13:00 17:00 18:30 20:00

    Buses to Ciutadella

    Journey time 45 minutes

    • Ciutadella - Son Bou 4,80 €
    • Ciutadella - Ferreries 2,05 €
    • Ferreries - Son Bou 2,75 €
    • Es Mercadal - Son Bou 1,90 €

    Summer peak only 1 June to 30 Sept

    5 stops around Son Bou. Mar Blau Apartments first stop circa 20min earlier! . Times shown are from Son Bou beach stop.

    no. 36 : Son Bou - Es Mercadal - Ferreries - Ciutadella (Pl. de la Pau) ( daily )

  • 10:45,14:45,18:45,20:45
  • no. 36 : Ciutadella(Pl. de la Pau) - Ferreries - Es Mercadal Son Bou ( daily )

  • 10:00,14:00,18:00,20:00
  • Places to visit by Bus

    Bus 32


    Has a charming old town set on a hill for wandering early mornings or late evenings when the extreme heat of the summer sun has gone. The "third" capital of the island and a cultural centre. The old town is very pretty and makes a great change to the beach, with some delightful Cafes, Bars and Restaurants. A few several clothes and shoe boutiques offering original items not chain store repetition. Childrens playground on the pretty town square (next to ice cream cafes!). Alaior has a weekly market plus an evening market (weds june-sept ) with Artisan goods,jewellery , other handicrafts and small boutiques.

    Menorca Tips

    There is a late night bus to return from Alaior's evening market. Alaior is home to the Pons Quintana shoe factory shop. A brand relatively unknown in the UK because most of its high quality leather shoes are exported to France and Germany. The shop offers reduced prices on beautiful high quality shoes and leather goods.

    Old Town - Alaior Streets
    Old Town - Typical Alaior

    Alaior guide

    Boutique and Design Hotels

    Agrotourism Hotels

    Alaior All Hotels and Holiday accommodation

    Fornells via Es Mercadal ( L36 ) - connect to L41 ( 15 mins )


    A watersports and restaurant favourite. The village with it's speciality seafood restaurants is located at the entrance to a huge enclosed natural bay whose protected waters make it perfect for all manner of sail based 'messing about'. More like a large salt water lake, the wind conditions here are great for beginners of anything that floats on water. Very pleasant for lunch time and evening drinks and meals alongside the harbour quay. Lot's of boat excursions and activities are based here. Perfect for a quiet authentic Menorca stay. Mountain Bike Hire. Watersports include Jetski,Waterskiing,Windsurfing, Dinghy,Kayaks and Diving.


    Hotels and Holiday accommodation in Fornells
    Main harbour
    Sa Taula Bar
    Bay view looking south

    Direct ( L32 ) and via connections at Alaior

    Mahon ( Mao or Maó )

    Mahon has a great mediterranean charm around the centre and harbour. Busy pavement Cafes and Bars, superb fruit and fish markets and all enclosed in a maze of narrow streets with architecture and many reminders of it's Georgian past. In addition to the traditional the town offers a myriad of stylish shops and bars. Along the whole length of the harbour quayside (Moll de Llevant) there is an electic collection of Cafes, Bars and Restaurants for all pockets and styles. A spectacular setting above the huge natural harbour with ships and boats of every shape and sizes.

    Mahon (Mao) guide

    Boutique and Design Hotels

    Agrotourism Hotels

    Mahon All Hotels and Holiday accommodation

    Yacht club area
    Balcony-Typical Mahon
    Cafe Bars-Top of Harbour
    Motor Yachts-to Hire
    Lots of Harbour Side Bars
    Down to main Harbour

    Direct ( L36 ) and via connections at Alaior ( L32 ) - > L01


    A taste of former elegant times with fine old spanish palaces, moorish influences, a wonderful old centre and a charming little harbour. Ciutadella was the original capital of the island lying at the western edge of the island looking out to its bigger neighbour Mallorca. A superb contrast to the beach and holiday resort. Great atmosphere and shopping and a place to wander the pedestrianised old city and its many narrow streets with hidden shops and Cafe treats. Also competes with Mahon for the title of the best music bars and venues on the island. The scene for the spectacular Sant Joan festival in June, when stunning native black horses parade through the streets and the brave try to "touch the horses' heart" as it rears in front of them.

    Ciutadella guide

    Boutique and Design Hotels

    Agrotourism Hotels

    Ciutadella All Hotels and Holiday accommodation

    Old Spain - Palaces
    Old City

    Old Harbour
    Clothes Shopping
    Placa Born

    Bus Timetables and Connections

    Seasonal Bus routes from Beach Resorts to Mahon and Ciutadella. Otherwise probably a change to nearest local town on the ME-1 Bus Travel Guide

    In Cities and Towns yes - summer Season tends to add additional services. In Beach resorts the Bus Timetable is seasonal with fewer or no services running before May and after October

    Yes it's possible, regular and summer services in operation : Travel to Beaches by Bus Guide