Es Tudons naveta

Es Tudons naveta

Ancient Monuments
Ciutadella, Menorca
Menorca's most Iconic site


The Es Tudons naveta is one of the most emblematic talayotic monuments of Minorca due to its excellent state of conservation, and because navetas are a type of funerary construction unique to the island.

Its shape like an upturned ship ("nave" in Spanish) gives it its name of "naveta", and it was built using the cyclopean technique typical of the era, basically assembling medium-sized stones without mortar. Group burials took place inside, and during excavations a hundred individuals were located, accompanied by grave ware and small pots where offerings were deposited during funerary rites.


Access by the main road from Maó to Ciutadella, km 40. Some 400 metres from the parking site and across a field is the Es Tudons naveta.

Signed from the road.

Open to the general public.


Yes. Large parking site suitable for cars and coaches.


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