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Airport: 23 miles / 37 km , Direct Transfer: 0 Hrs. 45 mins

Transfer Options 12 pp single (Shared Shuttle)    Taxi upto 4 pers. one-way 48

What's Cala Galdana like? Cala Galdana has one of the most beautiful resort beaches on the island. Pine-clad cliffs enclose a large horseshoe bay with turqouise waters and gently shelving beach. Family oriented holiday resort, with beautiful surrounding countryside to explore and good watersports and boating trips.

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Transfer price 12 pp single

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Private Transfers are ideal because there is no wait for other passengers, you travel door to door and baby children seats can be requested

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Transfer Taxi upto 4 pers. one-way 48

Direct Transfer Time ( 23 miles / 37 K.M ) ) Airport to Cala Galdana is 0 Hrs. 45 mins