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Binisafuller's beach will certainly be a focus for you,but there's more.

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Binisafuller Beach

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On a map, all the Sights and Attractions in and around Binisafuller

Coastal Walks around Binisafuller

Close by in Binisafuller will be an access point to the coastal path 'Cami de Cavalls ' a rough track path that follows the entire coast. Mountain Bike or Walk it to a Virgin Beach, the next resort or just to enjoy.

You will often discover swimming coves and virgin beaches. The distinctive vermillion signs will guide you

Even if you do a short stretch in summer heat treking sandals strongly advised - ankle support!!!!

Artisan Night Markets

Locals towns offer summer night time (7pm 'till late ) markets ( they are more artisan, foodie , musical ) which can be combined with a meal at a more authentic restaurant, enjoy time with locals outside at a cafe-bar people watching.

Night Markets

Local Nightlife Music, Bars in Binisafuller

Binisafuller Bars

Menorca nightlife is less 'touristy' outside of beach resorts Beach Clubs and urban music venues

Organised Excursions

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